It's PIE time!

Get your orders in for fabulous Thanksgiving pies from Lake Geneva Pie Company!

Order have to be in EARLIER this year!! We need to have all orders placed by Friday, November 20th!

 Cherry Crumb
Blueberry Crumb  
Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb
Lakeshore Crumb
Blackberry Peach Crumb
Cranberry Apple Crumb
Apple Crumb
Berry Cherry Pie
Apple Pie  
Blueberry Pie  
Blackberry Raspberry Pie
Cherry Pie
Natural Apple Pie
Chocolate Pecan
BIG Turtle (choc. Pecan w/ caramel) 
Banana Cream

Chocolate Cream

Coconut Cream

Key Lime

French Silk

Lemon Meringue
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